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Hello, thank you for dropping by. My name is Edwin Low. I am an author, nutritional consultant, yoga teacher, as well as a passionate and active advocate of natural health. For years now, I have been the 95.8 Capital Radio host, teaching and sharing extensively on how to achieve excellent health in a less than perfect world overrun by pollution with rampant health destroying agents. I have also been the keynote speaker in hundreds of health forums and seminars conducted in Singapore. My message is consistent, simple and clear:

You can live on your piece of heaven on earth by creating your own personal non-toxic space.

The solutions have always being with us. Natural herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables, salts and minerals from the Earth, all have powerful healing properties. Coupled with cutting edge technologies and healing remedies handled down through ancient wisdom, we are equipped with everything we need for a long, healthy and purposeful life on Earth.

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This blog will present in bite sizes the accumulated natural healing knowledge I have acquired over the years in my own research, work experience as well as studying and working with many experts in the natural health arena.

My panel of writers and I will endeavor to supply useful information that will help you and your family achieve vibrant and radiant health. You can find most of the products I recommend at most natural health stores as well as Nutrimax Organic where I serve as Consultant.

My wish for you, my co-inhabitants of this beautiful Earth, is that you will enjoy many productive years of excellent health with the people you care about.

Please connect with me in Facebook and feel free to write in with your questions and feedback.

Please excuse me if I appear to be slow in responding to you.

For product information, please visit Nutrimax Organic’s official website.