Correcting Indoor Air Quality To Overcome Health Challenges

Fresh Indoor AirImproving Indoor Air Quality With Healthy Air Ions

If everyone knows the incredible curative power of fresh air and harness it for healing, there will be an unstoppable epidemic of good health. In fact, every ancient culture and system of healthcare incorporates the power of the breath for achieving equilibrium of the body and mind.

Deep abdominal breathing of fresh air is prescribed for longevity and wellness. Sage and religious men attain enlightenment through the practice of rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing and meditation, cultivating their chi or prana in secluded natural environments with an abundance of fresh air.

And all these were developed millennia before industrial chemicals filled our air. Modern men have somehow lost that instinct of caring for ourselves and our children as the complexities of modern living set in. Sophisticated healthcare systems that promote a pill for every ill, shift our attention to the alleviation of pain rather than the care of the whole body.

The Breath Of Life

The breath of life means exactly what it says. To breathe is to live and not to breathe is to die. Unfortunately, most urban residents are not breathing the kind of air that the human race is made to thrive in.

What Are The Characteristics Of Fresh Air?

Fresh air is highly electrified. It is filled with highly energized electrically charged air molecules called ions. These ions are essential to life and have a biological effect on all living things. Breathing air rich in ions promotes health while breathing ion-depleted air breeds diseases.

Unfortunately, the indoor air of modern homes and offices is grievously lacking in air ions. The cause of many 21st century health issues has got to do with the bad indoor air that we breathe daily on a consistent basis. While smokestacks and diesel trucks are major culprits of air pollution, the US Environmental Protection Agency says that the air inside people’s homes can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside.

How to improve indoor air quality

Creating a non toxic indoor space involves

  • reducing the amount of floating particulates including the notorious PM 2.5,
  • eliminating toxic gaseous chemical compounds and
  • replenishing healthy levels of air ions.

Here are the things we can do to significantly improve our indoor air quality for better health and wellbeing:

1) Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

Air trapped within our modern air-tight apartments becomes sluggish and unnatural. People breathing in the dead air become sleepy, dull-witted and irritable.

An opened window allows healthful ions from outside to enliven the room, removing dampness and odours and admitting the sweet scents and sounds of nature’s gifts.


2) Keep house plants, build water fountains

Waterfalls and tropical forests and crashing waves at the beach produce large amounts of air ions. It helps explain the good feeling people experience at these places. America’s National Aeronautics and Space Agency in partnership with the Association Landscape Contractor of America recommend house plants as a mean to improve air quality.

Feng Shui practitioners advocate water fountains, sprays and ferns to achieve interior harmony, wealth and wellness and to promote a healthy living environment. All these items generate ions and improve air quality.

3) Eliminate the causes of indoor pollutants

We can significant improve indoor air quality by cutting down on the use of household chemical detergents, and switching to cleaning products and paints that do not contain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). Baking soda, vinegar and borax are effective natural cleaning alternatives. Eliminating the use of antibacterial soaps will also minimize the risk of germs mutating into superbugs.

4) Install an air ionizer

An air filter using HEPA and Activated Carbon technologies can help reduce both particulate and chemical pollutants to improve air quality. However, an air ionizer is recommended to restore healthy air ion level in the home.

An air ionizer electrically generates air ions and propagates them continuously throughout your indoor space. In choosing an air ionizer, beware of the extravagant claims of manufacturers of inferior ionizing machines. Many of these machines lose their effectiveness over time or generate potentially harmful by-products of ozone and other oxides that can be detrimental to the health if breathed in over a prolonged period of time.

Re-creating fresh indoor air is the first step to restoring our physical and mental equilibrium, as we spend a great part of our lives inside buildings with possibly bad air quality. You will be surprised what a non-toxic space can do to your health.

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